Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions as well as hints to help you to navigate the website more easily.  If you need more help, please contact us.


Do I have to audition to become a member of Boston Singers' Resource?   No.  Any individual or organization is welcome to join Boston Singers' Resource as a free or paid member.  To learn more about BSR membership levels and benefits,  Click here

Do I have to become a Boston Singers' Resource member to utilize its services?   The Boston Singers' Resource website offers dozens of informative pages that are free and open to the public.  Most of these pages can be found in our Programs and Events  and Resources sections.  Also, anyone may sign up for our FREE eNews Calendar of Singer Events by entering their email at the top of the BSR homepage.

Do I have to become a Boston Singers' Resource member to post announcements for the membership?  Well, yes and no.   We are encouraging everyone to post their own announcements by becoming a free or paid member of Boston Singers' Resource and then following the links for 'submit a posting'.  However, if you do not wish to become a member of Boston Singers' Resource and would like us to post your announcement for you, you may email us your copy-ready text announcement.

I'm logged in,  how do I view the auditions and jobs?  To view the auditions, jobs, classes and other paid member information, you must first select your eNews interest categories in your profile.  Go to 'my resource' then go to 'manage eNews' or 'edit profile', check the boxes for your eNews interests and click 'update'  You will then see all your eNews postings listed on your 'my resource' page.  To delete eNews interests from your 'my resource' page, simply go back to your 'edit profile' page and uncheck the boxes.

What do I do if I want to view the eNews listings on the website but I don't want them emailed daily?  To view the eNews on your 'my resource' page but NOT receive the daily emails, follow the directions above to select your eNews interests then check the box that says 'no eNews'

I'm having trouble resetting my password, what do I do?  Your password reset feature is linked to the primary email address on your account.  After you enter your primary email address on the reset your password page, an email will be sent to this address containing your username and a link to reset your password (occasionally, this reset email will go to your spam folder, so please check your spam folder if, at first, you do not see it).  Make sure you enter the correct primary email address to reset your password.  If you are not sure what that is or if it is no longer active, you may contact us   for help.

I paid for a student membership and checked off my eNews interests but I still don't see them on 'my resource'?   If you paid for a student membership, you must send us a copy of your student ID with your name and the school year on it to fully activate your account.  You may scan and email your ID or send a photocopy to the BSR address below.  We will notify you when the ID has been received and your account has been fully activated.

I am a music director, producer or arts administrator, how do I create an account for my organization?  BSR has already created accounts for most of the vocal, chamber and theater organizations on our mailing list*.  If you have received mailings from us in the past, chances are that you already have an account with us. Please contact us for your username and password.  *In celebration of our new website opening, all arts organizations have been granted complimentary paid accounts until January 15, 2011 after which time they will revert to 'free accounts.'  Paid accounts allow organizations to search and view profiles,  view eNews listings and receive discounted registration fees to BSR annual auditions.   Both paid and free organization accounts may submit eNews postings anytime for no charge.

How can I get my production photos posted on the top of the home page?   Please email us your high resolution, horizontal production photos for homepage consideration.  BSR will make every effort to rotate new photos in each month*.  Photos chosen for the homepage are entirely at the discretion of BSR staff.  Criteria for selection may include, quality, composition, variety of styles, variety of organizations represented and relevance.  Please be sure  to include Name of Organization and/or artists,  Title of Production, Year, Name of Photographer. *Please note that there are approximately 5-6 photos lined up for homepage viewing at any given time;  photos change each time the page is refreshed.

How can I get my profile photo on the homepage?  All profile photos shown on the homepage display are selected from various profile avatars shown on the website.  Profile photos chosen for the homepage are entirely at the discretion of BSR staff.  BSR will make every effort to  rotate in new profile photos each month. Criteria for selection may include, quality, composition, relevance and fairness to all users.  Please make sure you have added a photo avatar to your profile to be considered for homepage rotation.

How do I get my eNews listing featured on the homepage?  Listings chosen to be featured on the homepage are entirely at the discretion of BSR staff.  BSR will make every effort to  rotate in new listings as they become relevant. Criteria for selection may include, audience appeal, variety,  relevance and time sensitivity.

How do I get my business or studio listed on one of your resources pages?  Anyone may submit a link suggestion for the BSR resources pages.  However, only BSR members may submit  teachers and coaches listings.  Please email your listings in the format already established on the website page, along with the title of the page.


Please feel free to send us your FAQ suggestions for this page.  We welcome your feedback!