Katie Beckvold

Soprano Soloist/ Voice & Alexander Technique Instructor

Boston, MA
United States



“Bolts of lightning flew from Hall Auditorium Thursday evening for the opening of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” Katherine Beckvold did not have a lightning rod. She did it with her voice (“O zittre nicht” and “Der Hölle Rache”) with dead on accuracy.”

“Die Zauberflöte” -Mary Jane Doerr (John M. Hall Auditorium)

“Jacob Heacock was strong vocally as Papageno and humorous – perfectly matched with Katherine Beckvold in “Pa, pa, pa, pa”. Beckvold added as much to this role as she did to Queen of the Night.”

“Die Zauberflöte” -Mary Jane Doerr (Bay Harbor at the Great Lakes Center for the Performing Arts)

“Phyllis, with her lovely soprano voice, is played by Katherine Beckvold with a combination of spunk and charm.“

“Iolanthe” –Deborah G. Scanlon (The Enterprise (Falmouth))

“Beckvold, a gifted soprano, also has a finely tuned talent for the tongue in cheek that serves her especially well as she displays her indifference to marrying either Lord Mountararat (Mark Hosseini) or Lord Tolloller (Jacob Verhine).“

“Iolanthe” –Cindy Nickerson (Cape Cod Times)

“Lyrically and tenderly yet also confidently, Beckvold delivered several dark texts while the vibraphone gently backed up her line. The effective text painting made it easy for Beckvold to shape her melodies and get personal with the text.”

“Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble” –Ian Wiese (BMIntelligencer, https://www.classical-scene.com/?nonamp=1)


Vocal Instructor

“I have been taking singing lessons with Katie for almost a year now and I can genuinely say it has been incredible having her as teacher. She cares so much about the individuals she works with and is so encouraging. During my time working with her I have heard so many positive changes to my voice and with her guidance it is still continuing to improve. Her happy and positive personality also makes a very fun and enjoyable atmosphere for learning all types of music.”- Carly

“It takes a special talent to be an extraordinary singer, but few outstanding singers have the know how and patience to bring others to a new level in their musical ability.  Katie Beckvold is one of those special people. she will listen carefully, not only to how her student sings but also to what her student says. She is flexible and develops and uses different strategies to help her student until he/she reaches a new level of proficiency.  She has patience and a winning sense of humor. I would strongly recommend Katie Beckvold as a voice teacher.” -Kathy Bailey

Alexander Technique

"Katie is a clear and responsive teacher. Her work in the Alexander Technique provides a deep sense of support and grounding. Her kindness, clarity and commitment to her students is truly a gift to anyone who would take lessons with her. Please don’t pass up this life changing opportunity to spend time with Katie!" -Jamee Culbertson (Alexander Technique Teacher, Member of ATI and Tai Chi Master)

“Katie is a brave teacher.  She showed me how to reach my depths by finding hers, throwing herself wholeheartedly into her work.”- Robert Lada, Alexander Teacher, Member of Alexander Technique International

Four Alexander Students, Observations after 6 lessons:
“Katie is really good at making you feel comfortable in the present moment and with whatever you are experiencing at that time.”

“Katie and I quickly made a personal connection which allowed me to trust her. While she can be very composed and matter of fact, she also lets her natural enthusiasm shine through.”

“Her physical intuition and touch was spot on and made a huge difference for me.”

"No more upper back pain which I have experienced for a long time. Breathing better and feeling calmer."