All About That Bass & Treble

Collegium Ancora

Presenting a selection of choral masterworks written for upper voices (soprano & alto) and lower voices (tenor & bass). This varied program is full of both familiar and lesser-known works ranging from the 1600s to the 1900s, including composers from Italy (Palestrina), Germany (Brahms, Rheinberger, Schumann), France (Poulenc), Spain (Casals), England (Le Bas, Rutter), Ireland (Stanford), and the USA (Thompson). (And despite the concert’s title, don’t expect any covers of Meghan Trainor.)

We’re delighted to offer 3 performances of this concert, with the 3rd concert designated as sensory- and family-friendly to include audience members who might otherwise feel unwelcome being their whole selves in a professional performance context. This abridged, 1-hour performance is specifically designed for people of all abilities.

Performances are Feb 10 at 4 pm and Feb 17 at 4 pm at Grace Church in Providence, and Feb 16 at 4 pm at Emmanuel Church in Newport.
, 4:00 pm

Emmanuel Church
42 Dearborn St.
Providence, RI 02840
United States