The ZOOMikado

Teddy Crecelius

This ambitious quarantine project adapts the G&S classic for a new medium. Cottage Industry Theatre’s second production aims once again to bring fully realized musical theatre to an unexpected space, safely available to all regardless of the pace of reopening this summer. Check back here for production updates as the show comes together...and invite your friends to join you virtually on August 3 & 7!

Note from Teddy: Despite the title, I am still looking at different platforms to present the live performances. To cover production costs, there will be a small suggested donation from audience members, however I do not want to discourage anyone from attending if they have been financially impacted by the pandemic. Extra proceeds will be donated to relief efforts related to the current crisis; feel free to contact me to suggest an organization. Also open to your comments and questions.
, 7:00 pm

United States

Recital & Concert