Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions as well as hints to help you to navigate the website more easily.  If you need more help, please contact us.





Do I have to audition to become a member of Boston Singers' Resource?   No.  Any individual or organization is welcome to join Boston Singers' Resource as a free or paid member.  To learn more about BSR membership levels and benefits,  Click here


Do I have to become a Boston Singers' Resource member to view the website?   The Boston Singers' Resource website offers dozens of informative pages that are free and open to the public.  Most of these pages can be found in our Programs and Events  and Resources sections.  Also, anyone may sign up for our FREE Vocal Music Calendar, emailed weekly.


Do I have to become a Boston Singers' Resource member to post announcements for the membership?  All free users and paid members can post announcements. The button to post is listed on your dashboard


I'm a student. Are there special rates for student memberships? Yes, any student enrolled at least half-time in a college or university can purchase a membership at the discounted rate of $35. You will be asked to upload proof of enrollment at the time of your purchase. This can be a valid student ID, class schedule, acceptance letter, or other documentation from the registrar. 


I'm logged in,  how do I view the auditions and jobs?  You can find the latest announcements on the dashboard, and listed under "My account". 



I want to register for BSR auditions but can't access the registration page. Registration is limited to paid members of BSR. If you purchase a membership you will be able to register for upcoming auditions. 


What is the difference between open and select auditions? Any paid member can register for open auditions. Open auditions include written feedback from a panel of adjudicators to help each singer refine their audition technique. Select audition acceptance is based on scores from the open auditions and from recorded submissions. Select auditions are attended by more hiring professionals, and do not include feedback.


How often are auditions held? BSR holds auditions twice a year, and every fourth audition is a Select Audition. Singers are asked to participate in only one of the three preceding open auditions to be considered for select auditions. 


Who attends open auditions? Anyone who wants to hire singers, including opera producers and directors, orchestral and choral conductors, event planners and composers. Attending as an adjudicator is open to all for a fee; for organizational members, free admission is included in membership.


Do I need to be a member to participate in workshops? No! Workshops are open to the general public, though BSR members get a discount on the fee. 




How can I get my profile photo on the homepage?  All profile photos shown on the homepage display are selected randomly from the photos of paid members. Please make sure you have added a photo to your profile to be considered for homepage rotation.

How do I get my business or studio listed on one of your resources pages?  There are buttons on each page under "resources" for users to share their listings. Only resources relevant to classical singing will be approved. 


How can I be published on your blog? BSR regularly features guest posts and would love to hear your pitch! Please only contact us if you have a pitch related to classical singing. 


Please feel free to send us your FAQ suggestions for this page.  We welcome your feedback!