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BSR's Newest Program is for Everyone!

Dear BSR Members and non-Members alike,
I hope you’ll join me for BSR's first ever "No-Stress Studio" meet up! 
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Latinx Representation in Opera

The title itself is misleading, shadowed by the simplicity of four words for a topic that gets either underrepresented, misrepresented, or just missed altogether. I want to do an exercise, bare with… continue
Jenny Citarelli

Trans/Non-Binary Equity in Music: A guest post from Jenny Citarelli

Queerness or any LGBTQ+ identity does not look any one way, or even any multitude of ways. Our characters, creations, and educational spaces should strive to reflect that truth.
Joshua Scheid

Rainbow Capitalism in Art - a guest post by Joshua Scheid

“Queer artsy type, open to a variety of connections.” That’s my current profile text on a certain “social media” app. “Queer artist” is often how I choose to introduce myself, both in and out of… continue

A statement from BSR on Juneteenth

Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, marking the date that the emancipation of enslaved people was announced in Galveston, Texas in 1865.
BSR Blog-E. Allen-Holistic Wellness for singers Post-Covid

As the World Opens Up: Holistic Wellness for Singers in a Post-COVID Era

"After a long year of isolation, anxiety, and stress, the singing community is now faced with the prospect of performing live again."  "Whether you are excited about moving forward in these next few… continue
BSR Blog: Sing for the Ancestors: Generations Connecting through Music-Making

Sing for the Ancestors: Generations Connecting through Music-Making

My journey in music traces its roots, in part, back to my grandmother, Joanna Heard, and her brother Eugene. There were four children in the Heard family—William, Joanna, Eugene, and Virginia. Their… continue
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Approaching Extended Vocal Techniques with Agency & Cultural Awareness

Re-assessing and re-defining extended techniques and new music as a genre allows for a more authentic representation of the diversity of its practitioners and creators, reflecting the mosaic of… continue