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No show.

The No-Show No-No

Business etiquette is hugely important in the singing business, but it's unfortunately one of those things that people seem to learn the hard way after they've already breached the social niceties.

Failure and Resilience

So we're all reeling from the election results, right? I mean, alcohol sales in blue states must have tripled last week.
Back to School with BSR

8 Back to School Tips from BSR

Hi Readers! It's that time of year, that wonderful time when the shelves are stripped bare at Target: it's back to school!

8 Important Tips for Navigating the Singing Business!

Don't you love a good numbered list of important things on the internet? Who doesn't!

How to Attract That Special Someone: 8 Ways for Small Opera Companies to Attract Quality Singers

Hi Readers! This blog regularly features career tips and perspective on the business for working singers, but wait- what about advice for the people on the other side of the table?

Don't Take It Personally! Part Two: Why You Got Rejected

In Part One of Don't Take It Personally!, I talked about rejection letters and some of the reasons why you didn't get one (

Don't Take It Personally! Part One: Rejection Letters

It's hard to be a working singer. Really, really hard.

The Unprepared Singer

All, I'm thrilled to present a new guest post by the talented Dana Lynne Varga. Thank you, Dana, and Happy Reading! -Angela