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Sarah Rogers

A Guide to Choosing the Right Graduate School

So you’ve finally decided to go to grad school. Great! Now what?
Laura Loge

Finding Your Career Niche: One Singer’s Path

What does a career in music look like? That’s a question that young singers (and accomplished ones!) are often asked, usually with a tone of disbelief that such a thing is possible.
Kim Lamoureux

Singing with Chronic Health Challenges

Guest author and soprano Kim Lamoureux offers her experience and advice around managing chronic health challenges as a singer.
Score study

Learning Music: A Beginner's Guide

Check out this guide and leave a comment with your own tips, tricks and advice so other singers can learn from your expertise!
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Three ways to promote your work with BSR

Our new website is here - and you can use it to promote your work right away! Here are three of the most exciting features for singers.
Sarah Whitten

Beyond Pedagogy: When vocal technique is no longer enough

Every singer has sticky spots - those places where things aren’t working as they should and there’s a negative impact on the voice. Maybe it’s tension held somewhere in the body. Perhaps it’s… continue
Ignatius Exterior

4 benefits to having a church job

The last few weeks on we have seen a lot of posts for section leaders and soloists at area churches.
Hailey Fuqua and James Dargan before the panel, May 2018

3 tips on Hustle: how hard work can advance your career!

If there’s one thing all singers can relate to it’s the hustle that comes with our work. No matter what level of your career, voice part, or genre, we can all share stories of our insanely packed… continue
Hancock Tower

A Singer's Walk through Boston

When you think of Boston, what comes to mind? Colleges and universities? Historical significance? Compact walkability? These are all parts of Boston’s charm, if you make a visit don’t miss the city’s… continue