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Welcome to Boston Singers' Resource, a unique source of information, connections, and community for all in the the New England classical singing community. Here, we have resources for everyone, including directories of teachers and coaches, lists of performance organizations and of programs for children and youth, an extensive calendar of performances and a blog with career advice for singers.

It costs very little to join BSR and participate in our special programs, including twice-yearly auditions, performance and career-building workshops, and periodic recitals. Members get more out of this website, including the ability to build online profiles and access to special content. Institutions can also join BSR to get access for their members and to better reach the wide audience of BSR's individual members.

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UPCOMING: Workshops!

BSR's upcoming workshops include an Audition Workshop with Matthew DiBattista (above) and a Sight Singing Workshop with Bill Cutter. Learn more and register. 

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Our new website is finally here – and you can use it to promote your work right away!

Thank You for Being a Friend - Cabaret

. Boston Gay Men’s Chorus
Boston, MA


. Palace Theatre
Manchester, NH

"Who's Calling?": Three One Act Operas

. The Contemporary Theater Company
Wakefield, RI

Britten, Boulanger and Debussy

. Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston, MA