Boston Singers' Resource Auditions

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General Information


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BSR Auditions are combined general audition calls for New England's community of classical singers. They are a great way to connect with future collaborators and network with other performers and organizations in the region!


For Singers

This is a chance to perform for vocal music organizations from all across New England. Each singer is given a 4 minute audition slot to present whatever repertoire they choose. There is a $25 fee to register for a slot, and a pianist is provided by BSR for no additional charge. Additionally, each participant will receive an information sheet about each attending organization, and their resume and headshot will be distributed to each auditor. You must be a BSR member to participate, be at least 18 years of age, and be a resident or full-time student of the New England area. Become a BSR member today!


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For Organizations

Any vocal music organizations including opera companies, choruses, music festivals, religious institutions, or individuals such as directors, conductors, producers, composers, special event planners, and music managers are welcome to attend as an auditor. BSR auditions provide an opportunity to hear area singers who might be the perfect fit for an upcoming project. Organizations will receive copies of each performer's resume and headshot, and are encouraged to reach out directly to singers to set up call-backs, request additional materials, or make any offers! All auditors must pre-register with BSR. Registration is free for BSR member organizations, $25 for individual members, and $45 for non-members. Become a BSR member today!


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BSR's next Open Auditions will be on March 23 from 2pm-6pm at Somerville Music Spaces!



There are two Audition events each year, typically in the Spring and Fall. There are two Open Auditions followed by the Boston Singers' Showcase, a select audition in which singers are invited to sing based on feedback from BSR Open Auditions as well as from recorded submissions. 

BSR's next Open Auditions will be on March 23, 2024 from 2pm-6pm at Somerville Music Spaces

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BSR Annual Audition History


The BSR Annual Auditions began in March 2002 to help bring New England Directors, Singers, Pianists, Composers, and Managers together in an efficient, less time consuming way than the individual organization auditions of the past. They are intended to be a stepping stone for organizations wishing to pre-screen classical singers for future contracts and/or call-backs.


Please note that BSR is not a management or referral agency. Also please note that BSR is a non-profit organization; all fees go directly to non-salary operating and audition costs. No additional fees are paid to BSR for successfully formed partnerships; all contracts are negotiated directly between the performers and the producing organizations.