View of a BSR audition


Use the links in the sidebar to learn more about our pandemic adjustments to annual auditions. Information listed below refers to in-person auditions which we hope to restart when it is safe to do so. 


Boston Singers' Resource Auditions are combined general audition calls for New England solo singers and accompanists. Performers are assigned an audition time and are given 4 minutes (or 6 minutes if both the singer and the accompanist are auditioning) to present themselves. Repertoire is chosen from the standard opera, oratorio, and concert orchestra literature. Copies of each performer's resume and small head shot are given to all of the attending organizations. An information sheet about the attending organizations is given to all participants.

There are two Open Auditions each year. Open auditions are open to any BSR member singer or accompanist on a first-come, first-served basis and include written feedback from select attending directors and voice professionals. Select singer, invitational auditions will be held bi-annually. Performers for the invitational audition are selected from BSR open auditions as well as from recorded submissions.

Auditions provide a chance for music directors, producers, composers, special event planners, and music managers to screen New England area solo singers and their accompanists for upcoming projects. The organization leaders may then contact the performers, directly, regarding contracts or additional call-backs for their organization.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Who is eligible to attend the auditions?

Directors, Producers, Composers, ManagersAny organization or freelance musical leader wishing to screen classical solo singers and accompanists for future projects may attend the BSR Annual Auditions as an auditor. All auditors must pre-register with Boston Singers' Resource. Organization Audition Fees: Free for organizational members,  $25 for individual members, $45 for non-members.

Singers, Accompanists: Any Boston Singers' Resource paid member, with solo performance experience, at least 18 years of age, who is a New England resident or full-time student, is eligible to perform in the BSR Annual Auditions. Accompanists do not need to be members of Boston Singers' Resource unless they are submitting themselves for audition. A BSR membership is open to anyone.  Open Audition Fee:  $25 (members only)  Recorded Submission fee (for invitational consideration): $25.  There is an additional $15 audition fee for singers selected to perform in the Select Audition.

  • Information for performers (only paid members will be able to access the registration page). 
  • Please note that all audition participants must pre-register to attend the open auditions and to be considered for invitational auditions.

How do I attend these auditions?

To attend the Boston Singers' Resource Annual Auditions, please follow the links for "organization registration" or "performer registration".

BSR Annual Audition History

The BSR Annual Auditions began in March 2002 to help bring New England Directors, Singers, Accompanists, Composers, and Managers together in an efficient, less time consuming way than the individual organization auditions of the past. They are intended to be a stepping stone for organizations wishing to pre-screen classical singers and accompanists for future contracts and/or call-backs.

Please note that BSR is not a management or referral agency. Also please note that BSR is a non-profit organization; all fees go directly to non-salary operating and audition costs. No additional fees are paid to BSR for successfully formed partnerships; all contracts are negotiated directly between the performers and the producing organizations.