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Getting Real: The Correlating Career

All, I'm so pleased to present this guest post by the amazing Dana Lynne Varga (whom you might know as Dana Schnitzer, but she recently got married and now has a sexy new last name, so congrats to

The Almost Most Important Thing

We're taught in conservatory that the most important thing in our field is the voice. Well, yes, that's true.

Singing While Sick

So we're all sick this year, right? I mean, I've been coughing since October, and I know I'm not the only one because I see you all on Facebook posting about the same damn thing.

A Few More Audition Tips

All, as we begin the screaming descent into audition season, here are a few more takeaways from recent auditing experiences for your consideration. Happy Singing!


Friends, I just discovered that this here system has been diverting legit comments into the spam folder and deleting them. So if you've commented and it didn't appear, I never saw it!

The Art of the Decline

Singers can't take every opportunity that comes along. Well, we can certainly try- but we shouldn't, because sanity.

A Quick Tip on Social Media

Something I'm hearing pretty frequently these days from fellow company directors and organizers is that due to our powerful social media tools, we can have a pretty fair idea of what singers are ac

Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

Video clips! Singers, you now need video clips.

On Cancelling

Wouldn't it be great if on our first day at conservatory we were handed a how-to guide for singers, something like a Miss Manners etiquette book for the music industr

On Rejection

So you didn't get that gig you really wanted.