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A number of singers I know - fine fact, excellent singers - think of themselves as having failed in opera, or indeed in professional singing as a whole, because they're not working ful


Question: I am really enjoying your blog, and had a request. Do you think you guys could write an entry on YAP programs for recent grads.

A Special Guest Post by Elaine Crane!

All, if you haven't met Elaine Crane of Greater Worcester Opera, then may I be the first to introduce you to the nicest person in the world:

A Backstage Tip

Here's a good tip for anyone just starting out in the business: Always thank your Stage Manager!

Auditions: What Not to Wear

Question: Help. What are we supposed to wear for auditions?

Audition Rep!

Question: How do you pick good audition rep?

A Few More Helpful Resume Tips

After looking at binders full of singers over the last month, I wanted to add a few more tips on resume design:

Resumes, Emails, and Websites, Oh My

Question:  "While I do understand that what makes a good resume is a rather subjective judgment, I’d love to have access to some concrete tips and/or examples of resumes that really work in

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