A Few More Helpful Resume Tips

After looking at binders full of singers over the last month, I wanted to add a few more tips on resume design:

  • Your name, contact information and voice type should be huge and clear across the top of the resume. Try to avoid underlining, tiny fonts, or other formatting that might make it hard for a reader to find your phone number. Huge. Really huge.
  • Standard resume formatting is one line per credit. Definitely avoid bio paragraphs or multiple lines detailing the credit (like all the songs at a particular concert).
  • The Special Skills section seems to be causing a lot of confusion. Avoid listing anything there that isn't actually a hirable, notable Special Skill or that isn't directly related to performing. When it doubt, leave it out, because anything that really shouldn't be there will cause the Raised Eyebrows.
  • No need to add lines like "Repertoire lists and references available upon request".
  • No need to add "Additional Interests" like travel, reading and cooking. That can add color to an otherwise dry finance/ administration/ management/ business blah CV, but for auditions this information isn't necessary.

All of this amounts to resume streamlining, and it's important because audition panels are frequently tired. They're working very hard to focus on you when you walk in the room, to listen carefully to your singing, to take notes so they can remember you, and to think about how you might meet the needs of their organization while simultaneously reading through the details of your professional history. Eliminating any unnecessary words or information on Your Resume can really help people whose eyes are crossing to scan your history quickly and easily. Clear, concise, well-organized resumes are always noticed and appreciated on the other side of the audition table.