BSR's Newest Program is for Everyone! by Jessica Bloch

A picture of Jessica Bloch in a sun dress sitting outside on a large stone with the base of a lamp post beside her. There are trees all around and it is sunny.

Dear BSR Members and non-Members alike,

I hope you’ll join me for BSR's first ever "No-Stress Studio" meet up! 

It is the perfect opportunity to practice performing in front of supportive colleagues, get in touch
with the Boston music community, and have fun singing in a low-key environment. Whether you
need to work through some jitters on a new piece, or remember your process for an old piece,
the BSR No-Stress Studio is a safe space to perform stress free from the pressures of school or
professional gigs.

Personally, I always made huge strides in my performance anxiety surrounding auditions and
gigs when singing for friends first. So volunteering for this initiative is my way of giving back to
fellow singers who may not have the same resources to constantly practice performing. I hope
you’ll take advantage of the studio's offerings and that it helps everyone feel more supported and
prepared for future singing endeavors!

Happy Vocalizing!

Jessica Bloch

Bloch Performing Arts