Dmitriy Glivinskiy

Hello everyone!

I am a CT-based vocal coach and conductor and I am very excited to expand, professionally, into the Boston area. Since this is a new market for me, I wanted to give a brief introduction to my approach:

First and foremost, I aim to create a healthy space for my collaborators to grow. As a vocal coach, I use the nexus of musical and linguistic shaping, dramatic intention, physical freedom and the finer points of interpretation to help the singers improve and enjoy their own performance. I don't waste time and am a very active and engaged coach. A goal of mine is to help singers hone their skills so they can be more productive on their own, outside of coaching sessions.

As a pianist (and especially as a collaborator), I aim to bring out the best in the people I play for. While I have strong interpretive ideas, I don't disregard ideas that are offered to me by my collaborators. I want to help my collaborators develop their ideas into their most effective form.

As a conductor, my entire training and experience has been through opera and choral music. My training, focusing on clarity of technique and generous and empathetic guidance, helped me become a better coach and pianist.

I hope we get to work together!

Official bio below:

Dmitriy Glivinskiy is a Ukrainian vocal coach and conductor and the Music Director of the Opera department at UConn. He is a graduate of Mannes College of Music and of the Peabody Institute where, among his teachers, were Pavlina Dokovska, Boris Slutsky and Scott Jackson Wiley. He is a former faculty member of Hofstra University and Brooklyn College. He is currently part of the creative team for the “Writer’s Room” project with Experiments in Opera and the American Opera Projects and NYU/Tisch Opera Lab, both of which are incubators for new operas.
Region: Boston - City
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