Teri Kowiak

In my teaching, my aim is to help my students find a healthy way of singing that is enjoyable, intentional, and sustainable. I help them build a good technical foundation, including deep breathing and breath support, management of tension, and coordination of the body, in order to produce a sound that is uninhibited, consistent, and musical, while being minimally fatiguing.

I believe that although some voices and voice types have much in common with each other, every voice is unique and should be treated as such in order to bring out its own beauty and dramatic potential. I also recognize that my students have individual musical goals that require proper attention, and to this end, I tailor my lessons to the individual student, and recognize that everyone progresses at their own pace.

My ultimate goal is to help my students to develop technical ability, musicality, and confidence that will enable them to keep singing throughout their lives.
Region: Boston - West
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Vocal coach
Voice teacher