Wei En Chan

I've been unusually fortunate to have had wonderful teachers throughout my training. Teachers who are leading pedagogues in their fields. They taught me the ins-and-outs of being musical, being expressive, being sincere, being honest. They gave me a sound technique and a functional understanding of how the voice works. No bullshit, only scientifically researched methodology that appreciates the success of generations of singers before us. I even suspect, sometimes, that I like the process of learning and research more than performing itself! It brings me great joy when I share this knowledge, enabling others to forge ahead confidently in their paths once their time with me comes to an end. My goal is to make sure you learn and leave as an independently capable singer with everything I can offer.

I have spent the last decade teaching at a many different levels. I've given masterclasses at public schools, community choirs, and artistic organisations. I've taught workshop series at various organisations. I've been a General Music teacher to a classroom full of children for an entire semester. I've been invited as guest clinician to choirs. I've kept teaching private voice lessons over the years and I've worked with students completing advance graduate degrees at top voice programs. I've worked with my peers who are professional singers. I've worked with retirees who want to sing well at their wedding. I've worked with many "tone-deaf" individuals, teaching them that "tone-deafness" can be rectified. And it's all been amazing.
Region: Boston - North
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