"The Drive to Sing" documentary - Boston Area Premiere

"The Drive to Sing" is a new documentary about choirs during the pandemic and the importance of making music together. It is full of beautiful choral music recorded in very unusual places, and interviews with singers and directors about their experiences. It features many choruses in eastern MA and beyond. This uplifting film has been accepted into 9 film festivals and was nominated for Best Documentary at Shawna Shea film festival in Worcester, MA. It is family-friendly and resonates with anyone who has sung in a choir. Join Marlborough-based director and producer, Bryce and Kathryn Denney, for the first public screening in the Boston area.

9:45 AM: Live music by Chorus Pro Musica and Ipswich River Community Chorus
10:00 AM: Film begins
11:15 AM: Q&A with director and producer

See the trailer and learn more at https://www.thedrivetosing.com/


“They focused on what is most important: that music, especially made together, is a fundamental force in our lives that brings us joy in so many ways”

“What a moving piece! So many emotions I am trying to reconcile.”

“It really captured (and let me relive!) all the joy and delight of singing with others after such a long hiatus.”


As part of the Lonely Seal Film Festival, the film will be showing Saturday, October 8 at 9:45am at Regent Theater, 7 Medford St., Arlington, MA. Tickets are available for $15 at https://filmfreeway.com/LonelySealFestival/tickets

Look for this: "SAT. MORNING SING! [BLOCK 11]"

The Lonely Seal Film Festival runs October 5-10. If you plan to see other films too, consider "DAY PASS - SATURDAY" ($25) or "FESTIVAL PASS" ($60) instead.

Please purchase tickets online soon!

To hear about future screenings and know when it's available for streaming, sign up at https://www.thedrivetosing.com/contact
, 9:45 am

Lonely Seal Film Festival
Regent Theater
7 Medford St
Arlington, MA 02474
United States

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