Guerilla Underground Presents: Quaking Aspen, Interim, and she wears bells

Guerilla Opera

Guerilla Opera presents the final Official Selections of The Guerilla Underground 2022 Season, Jason Eckardt’s Populus tremuloides: "Quaking Aspen" features soprano Stephanie Lamprea, Interim by Sarah Grace Graves, and Jo Reyes Boitel’s she wears bells featuring Teatro Palo Alto.

Populus tremuloides: "Quaking Aspen" is a wordless vocal soundscape using an array of timbres and extended techniques to represent the living form and motion of the Catskill Mountains’ quaking aspen. Interim by Sarah Grace Graves interweaves sounds and images from the boiler room beneath the Fondation des États-Unis, and explores transformation in a space where activity and passivity collide. she wears bells tells the story of Aztec teotl (spirit/guardian) Coyolxāuhqui, who battles against their mother, are killed, dismembered, and thrown into the sky, becoming the moon.
, 7:30 pm

Guerilla Opera
43 Washington St
Haverhill, MA 01832
United States