Hildegard Reanimated: Vision in Vision

The Pandora Consort/ SoHIP

The Pandora Consort explores the mystical visions of Hildegard von Bingen through her illuminations and music. Hildegard is an impressive figure in many regards; she was a theologian, philosopher, botanist, doctor, magistra (mother superior), and one of the first named composers of music. Hildegard experienced visions (“umbra viventis lucis” or “the reflection of the living light”) from the age of three up to her death, and many of her writings and illuminations are a result of these visions. Hildegard’s writings, visions, and music are inextricably linked in her life and philosophy. Taking inspiration from her life, we weave them together in a concert program focused on four of her most famous visions that influenced her spiritual philosophy. Working with visual artist Cate Duckwall to bring these visions to life, this concert features music from Hildegard’s vast oeuvre accompanied by artistic animations of key illuminations, creating a multimedia experience.

Tuesday, June 25th at St. Anne's in the Fields, Lincoln, MA
Wednesday, June 16th at the Chapel at West Parish, Andover, MA
Thursday, June 27th at Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA

Virtual Premiere July 19th
Performances run through
, 7:30 pm

SoHIP Boston
PO BOX 441854
Somerville , MA
United States

Recital & Concert