Spotlight Session with Sean Gallagher: French art song, c. 1380-1520

Blue Heron

A fascinating journey across the music and history of the long fifteenth century, enlivened by recorded performances and images of contemporary musical manuscripts.

Join Sean Gallagher, professor of Music History and Musicology at New England Conservatory, live on Zoom, on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, in Blue Heron’s popular Spotlight Sessions.

Blue Heron’s repertoire extends from the 14th century through the 16th and has concentrated particularly on the French song repertoire from Machaut (d. 1377) through the generation of Josquin (d. 1521). In this Spotlight Session, Sean Gallagher—one of the world’s leading experts on 15th-century music and adviser to Blue Heron’s Ockeghem@600 project—will cast a Spotlight across a century and a half of French songs, giving us a sense of the big picture of continuities and innovations. Opening with the intoxicating complexities of the late 14th-century Ars subtilior, Prof. Gallagher will show how the next generation created a simpler style, exemplified by the catchy melodies and limpid structures of the young Binchois and Du Fay (both born around 1400); how complexity returned in new guise in the songs of Ockeghem and Busnoys (born in the early to mid-1420s), succeeded by another turn to simplicity in the music of Josquin and his contemporaries born in the 1450s.

This event will also be recorded and posted (password protected) for ticket purchasers.

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, 7:00 pm

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