A Survivor's Odyssey- A LIVE virtual opera

White Snake Projects

In this final installment of White Snake Projects’ critically acclaimed Pandemic Trilogy of virtual operas, opera maker Cerise Lim Jacobs teams up with composer and interdisciplinary artist Mary Prescott and director Elena Araoz to explore sexual violence and the “shadow pandemic” of intimate partner violence (IPV) during lockdown. In A Survivor’s Odyssey: The Journey of Penelope and Circe, characters from Homer’s Odyssey live within the ongoing crisis of sexual and intimate partner violence, exacerbated by the pandemic.

CONTENT NOTE: This piece contains depictions of sexual violence and domestic violence, and it also focuses on trauma. Please know that support is available at barcc.org/chat, and please practice any form of self-care that keeps you safe.
Performances run through
, 7:30 pm

White Snake Projects
United States