The Tonic Hour

Boston Lyric Opera

Put some pizzazz in your streaming life with a fun, fizzy, friendly new event. The Tonic Hour is Boston Lyric Opera's new make-you-own-musical Zoom show that stars you, your friends and your endless imagination.
Our September Tonic Hour will undertake a grand journey for this adventure-themed opera making event!
Start with a familiar story and a bubbly music track, stir in some make-your-own-aria lyrics, add a dash of drama created with the help of Boston's best singers, and watch as a whole new opera gets comes to life right before your eyes!
Not an opera composer? No problem! Our hosts Joel Esher and Lydia Jane Graeff, will make sure you have all the tools and tricks of the trade to make you feel at ease. All you need is a spirit of adventure and a sense of humor.
, 5:30 pm

United States