The Voice of the Rain

Juventas New Music Ensemble

Music inspired by autumn and nature

Featuring works by Stephanie Ann Boyd, Andrew Porter, Patrick Walker, Oliver Caplan, Michael Culligan, Linda Chase, Ingrid Stolzel, and Oliver Davis.

With Juventas musicians Nick Southwick, Wolcott Humphrey, Anne Howarth, Ryan Shannon, Lu Yu, Minjin Chung, Julia Scott Carey, and Tom Schmidt.

“Music has an incredible capacity to heal,” says Artistic Director Oliver Caplan, “and we must not allow the hurdles posed by the pandemic to stop us from making art.” As the COVID pandemic continues to shape all of our lives, Juventas brings you five mainstage performances like you've never seen before.

Watch the stream here, live at 8pm EDT on January 23, 2021:
, 8:00 pm

Juventas New Music Ensemble
Boston, MA 02123
United States
Chamber & Festival