The Western Wind Workshop In Ensemble Singing at Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Smith College Workshop
August 4–6 and 7–12, and 4-12 2023

Share the joy of ensemble singing with The Western Wind!
Western Wind Workshops are uniquely interactive, intense musical experiences. Each participant is made part of a small ensemble that is guided / facilitated (not conducted) by a member of The Western Wind. In their small ensembles, participants sing an eclectic and intriguing selection of music that might include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Early American, 19th and 20th-century part-songs, rounds, hymns and folk-songs, jazz, pop, improvisations and more!

Through small-group sessions and master-class style seminars, The Western Wind addresses each singer’s individual development, fostering growth in skill and accomplishment. Because the ensembles are formed based on musical skills, the workshop is open to singers at all levels – professionals and amateurs, soloists and ensemble performers, conductors and music teachers.

Partial scholarships and group discounts available

“ This was a life-changing week for me. Thank you so very much! ”
— 2017 workshop participant
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, 5:00 pm

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