Worlds Collide Showcase

The Pandora Consort

Worlds Collide Showcase
Saturday, October 28th 7:30pm
The Foundry
Cambridge, MA

The Pandora Consort is hosting the second annual Worlds Collide Showcase. This performance will be a concert, competition, and fundraising event focused on cross-genre collaboration. Artists from different musical backgrounds are teamed up to perform original songs and original covers combining different genres of music (for example: EDM and Baroque, hip hop and jazz, etc.). Each performing duo and trio will have a corresponding charity that they are fundraising for. At the end of the showcase the audience will vote for their favorite performance, and a cash prize of $250 will be awarded to the winning duo/ trio, as well as an additional $100 for their corresponding charitable organization.
The Worlds Collide Showcase is meant to facilitate cross-genre musical collaboration in the Greater Boston area, as well as collaboration between musicians and charitable organizations serving Eastern Massachusetts.
Tickets for the showcase are $15 at the door cash/ Venmo
, 7:30 pm

The Cambridge Foundry
101 Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA
United States
Recital & Concert