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Failure and Resilience

So we're all reeling from the election results, right? I mean, alcohol sales in blue states must have tripled last week.
Back to School with BSR

8 Back to School Tips from BSR

Hi Readers! It's that time of year, that wonderful time when the shelves are stripped bare at Target: it's back to school!

8 Important Tips for Navigating the Singing Business!

Don't you love a good numbered list of important things on the internet? Who doesn't!

How to Attract That Special Someone: 8 Ways for Small Opera Companies to Attract Quality Singers

Hi Readers! This blog regularly features career tips and perspective on the business for working singers, but wait- what about advice for the people on the other side of the table?

Don't Take It Personally! Part Two: Why You Got Rejected

In Part One of Don't Take It Personally!, I talked about rejection letters and some of the reasons why you didn't get one (

Don't Take It Personally! Part One: Rejection Letters

It's hard to be a working singer. Really, really hard.

The Unprepared Singer

All, I'm thrilled to present a new guest post by the talented Dana Lynne Varga. Thank you, Dana, and Happy Reading! -Angela

BSR Workshop on Sunday, February 7th, 2016: Auditions!

Boston Singers' Resource is thrilled to announce the first BSR Workshop: Auditions!